• ACT 48 Resources 

    What types of activities can be used to fulfill Act 48 requirements? Act 48 requires that collegiate courses, continuing professional education courses (offered by intermediate units), and noncredit continuing professional education programs, activities, or learning experiences be "related to an area of the professional educator's assignment or certification." (24 PS 12-1205.2(c)). PDE interprets this language as:

    • Courses or noncredit activities in the content area of the educator's certificate
    • Courses or noncredit activities in instructional methods, pedagogy, strategies/tools for the classroom, classroom management, assessment or evaluation
    • Courses or noncredit activities in reading, writing, speaking, and listening
    • Courses or noncredit activities in mathematics, mathematical reasoning, and the sciences
    • Courses or noncredit activities that address inclusive classroom environments.
    • Courses or noncredit activities in technology
    • Courses or noncredit activities in the areas of student health, interpersonal skills in a school environment, safe and supportive schools, and resiliency



    If you have a question regarding whether a course or activity may be acceptable, please contact Dr. Shotwell at eshotwell@berwicksd.org. 

    How do I find out how many Act 48 hours I may need to maintain my professional certificate? You can access your Act 48 hours record via PERMS. You will need to know your PPID.  There are instructions on that website to assist you with that process. It is the employees' responsibility to maintain their Act 48 hours, as this is a requirement of the professional certificate. 

    How do I request Act 48 hours for activities (courses and webinars) that I complete independently? Please utilize the linked ACT 48 Request Form.  

    Upcoming & On-Demand Professional Learning Offerings 

    Below is a selection of possible professional learning offerings and opportunities.  This list will continue to be updated as new offerings become available.  ***Recorded and on-demand webinars are applicable for Act 48 hours, as long as you provide evidence of attendance/completion and a reflection as per our Act 48 form. This will allow for more options for you to engage in professional learning at a time that is convenient for you. 

    If you have a suggestion for a resource, please email eshotwell@berwicksd.org.

    • PDE SAS PD Center: The SAS PD Center provides a repository of courses, offered at no cost to educators, that may qualify for ACT 48 hours.  
    • Great Minds Knowledge HUB: Great Minds offers a wide range of learning options addressing the use of Geodes.  If you choose to attend one of these sessions, please ensure you provide verification of attendance (a screenshot is acceptable)  and a reflection of your learning when you complete the Act 48 form. 
    • Amplify Learning Center: Amplify offers a variety of webinars and other resources, focused on math, literacy, and science.  Their literacy webinars in particular are full of timely information. 
    • Friday Institute: NC State offers a variety of online professional learning courses at no cost to educators. 
    • Student Achievement Partners: This website provides a wealth of resources, including professional learning webinars and extended learning courses. 
    • iReady Online Educator Learning: You will need to be logged into iReady to access these courses.