Message from the Athletic Director

  • It is our belief that interscholastic athletics is a way to achieve a balanced educational program for our students.  Our Education-Based Athletic plan will be an enhancement to the students' education.  Our concern for the student's interest and welfare will be paramount, and the athletic program will develop an understanding of leadership, perseverance, and teamwork.  As we all know athletic competition, by its nature, will contribute to greater student awareness of self-discipline, growth in emotional maturity, and an increasing realization of the worth of the individual.  Students will also realize that participation in athletics is not only a privilege but an honor that requires responsibility for maintaining one's academic standing in the classroom and for maintaining a high standard of conduct outside of school hours as outlined in the Student Handbook.
    All of our coaches should first and foremost be leaders of young men and women by constantly setting a good example of what it means to be an athlete during and after school hours.  The program will emphasize success in the home, the classroom, the community as well as the competitive arena.  It is expected that our coaches will be consistent and fair in all rules and regulations applied to the athletes by the coach.
    There should be a complete understanding that all persons involved with the athletic program fall under all PIAA and Berwick Area School District guidelines.
    The primary goal of our interscholastic athletics program will always be to achieve success in all academic and competitive endeavors. It is recognized that a positive athletic program can contribute significantly to school morale and community pride as well as to the pride and honor for all persons involved with the athletic program.
    We believe as athletic administrators and coaches we bear the responsibility for the periodic evaluation of the total program.  New programs should be suggested when appropriate, and old programs scrutinized to ensure that they are meeting the needs and interests of student-athletes.
    It is our belief that a student's participation in interscholastic athletics could very well influence the rest of his/her life.  For this reason, we are committed to providing excellence in all phases of the Berwick Area School District Athletics Program.
    Should anyone have a concern or question, please contact the Athletic Director at
    Frank Sheptock
    Athletic Director

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