• Message from Mrs. Kupsky
    Assistant to the Superintendent for Student Services

    The Berwick Area School District believes that all students have the potential to learn. We never forget that our future is in the hands of our students. We believe that a strong commitment from family, school and community are essential tools needed for the success of our students. All students at Berwick Area School District are provided equal opportunities regardless of their exceptionality.

    The Berwick Area School District provides a full range of special education programs and related services. Most education services are provided within the district.

    A gifted program is provided at all levels for students who qualify. All of our programs are instructed by highly qualified teachers. Guidance and psychological services are available for grades K-12.

    What should I do if I suspect my child has a learning disability or is educationally gifted?  Any concerns that you may have regarding your child's educational performance should first be addressed by contacting the relevant teacher.  Your child may be referred to the Child Study Team (CST), which consists of you as a parent, your child's teacher(s), school counselor, principal, and other appropriate school personnel (school psychologist, nurse, etc.).  The CST then meets to discuss any school-related concerns that exist, as well as possible courses of action that are likely to help.  The CST may, as part of this process, recommend that your child be evaluated for special education eligibility.