• The DAWGIT student help desk is open for High School outside the high school tech room on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with student tech team members on staff every period. Please bring your Chromebook and power supply (charger) when arriving for support.

    The Berwick Middle School student help desk is open for Middle School students on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please bring your Chromebook and power supply (charger) when arriving for support.


Employees - submitting a ticket!

    • “Did you turn it off and back on again?” Doing this is quick and remedies issues more times than not.
    • If a URL is blocked because it is a shortened URL (TinyURL,,, etc), OR because it’s from a third party’s mass email (ANY mailing list links WILL be blocked as Ads), paste that link into HTTP:// It will give you the entire link, which will most likely be accessible.
    • Check if you already have a help request ticket in the Open or Closed sections to the right. If so, click on it and add additional information, or reopen the ticket. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE TICKETS!

    Please inform us of your technology issues by one of the following methods:

    •  This web site allows you to create and monitor the progress of your technology issues.
    • Email  Send us an email and describe your technology issue.
    • Finally, Call (570) 759-6409 and leave us a voicemail message.

    Our staff will work to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible. Please include the best method to get in touch with you.

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