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  • Meet our Nurses:

    We are staffed with 3 Certified School Nurses and School Nurse Technicians (RN/LPN) within our district.

    Certified School Nurses

    • Sara Ervin, RN, NCSN (Middle School)
    • Michelle Grazio, RN, NCSN (West Berwick + Salem)
    • Lisa Sheptock, RN, NCSN (High School + Nescopeck)

    School Nurse Technicians (RN/LPN)

    • Yvonne Landis, LPN
    • Bethanne Shoemaker, LPN
    • Dawn Vetter, LPN
    • Karissa Welch, LPN
    • Allison Williams, RN

             *Our SNTs float to schools as needed.


  • Information about the Nurse's Office


    • All medication given during school hours MUST have a signed doctor's order (includes Medication Name, Dose, Time, Frequency, Route) and a parent's signature.  This includes prescription medication and over-the-counter medication! 
    • Parents must provide the school with the medication in the original package/bottle (we cannot accept unlabeled/loose medication in a bag). 
    • Medication should be brought to school by a parent/designated adult to be given to the nurse.  
    • School Medication Form: Medication Administration Form



    • Annual health screenings are completed by the nurses each year. 
      • Height/Weight- all grades
      • Vision- all grades
      • Hearing- K-3rd, 7th, 11th grades
      • Scoliosis- 6th + 7th grades (may use school physical)
    • Physical Examinations
      • Required in K, 6th, 11th (+ entry into school if hasn't had one completed)
      • May have private exam or school exam completed (if a private exam isn't turned in by January 5th, the school exam will be given)
      • Additional vaccination requirements:
        • Entry into 7th grade: Tdap + MCV
        • Entry into 12th grade: MCV
    • Dental Examinations
      • Required in K, 3rd, 7th grades
      • May have private exam or school exam completed (if a private exam isn't turned in by November 1st, the school exam will be given)


    When to keep your child home:

    • Fever (100° or higher)- should stay home until fever-free (without use of medication) for 24 hours
    • Vomiting- should stay home until vomit free for 24 hours
    • Feeling unwell and would not be able to function throughout the school day
    • If you are not sure whether you should send your child to school, feel free to contact your child's school nurse.

          *Reminder- 3 days of absences or more require a doctor's note for attendance. 


    Health Conditions

      Please reach out to your child's school nurse about any health conditions they should be aware of- especially for any new diagnosis throughout the school year (Diabetes, Seizures, Life-Threatening Allergies, etc).



       We recommend that you have a change of clothing in your child's backpack/locker for accidents, spills, etc.


    Please reach out to your child's school nurse if you have any questions/concerns during the school year!!

Health Forms

Health Staff Directory

  • High School, Nescopeck Elementary
  • Middle School
  • Salem, West Berwick Elementary
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