• ESL Information for Parents
    Middle school and high school students must be in their homerooms by 7:45 AM. Elementary students must report to homeroom by 8:30 AM.  When a student comes to school after the start time, he/she is considered tardy and must bring in an excuse stating the reason for the tardiness.  
    If students are absent from school, they have three (3) days to bring a written excuse to the school office. After three days, the absence is recorded as illegal.
    Students are not allowed to bring any type of medication, prescription or non-prescription, to school without a doctor's order.  The medication and the doctor's order must be taken directly to the nurse's office. 
    If the weather is bad, there could be a school delay, early dismissal, or a school closing.  Please check the school district website for further information, television stations WNEP, WYOU, or WBRE, or call the district office at 570-759-6400 for a recorded message.