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2013-2014 Faculty

To view individual teacher web pages, visit the classes page. Classes are listed by course name, section #, and teacher name. The class web pages contain information specific to each course, so if you are a student or parent, be sure you are viewing the correct section #.

Robert Albertson ralbertson@berwicksd.org
Tricia Baker  tbaker@berwicksd.org
Patricia Brewington pbrewington@berwicksd.org
Wendi Bulkley wbulkley@berwicksd.org
Paula Cagigas  pcagigas@berwicksd.org
Laura Chapin lchapin@berwicksd.org
Danielle Derr dderr@berwicksd.org
Sallie Drumheller sdrumheller@berwicksd.org
Elizabeth Frye efrye@berwicksd.org
Elaine Grumbine egrumbine@berwicksd.org
Julie Hartenbach jhartenbach@berwicksd.org
Nicole Herron nherron@berwicksd.org
Sandra Hilton shilton@berwicksd.org
Michelle Kimball mkimball@berwicksd.org
Maria Kingery mkingery@berwicksd.org
Julie Klingerman jklingerman@berwicksd.org
Richard Klingerman rklingerman@berwicksd.org
Sherri Longenberger slongenberger@berwicksd.org
Betsy Malatesta bmalatesta@berwicksd.org
Jennifer Marks jmarks@berwicksd.org
Katrina Maurer kmaurer@berwicksd.org
Susan Mensinger smensinger@berwicksd.org
Mary Ann Michaels mamichaels@berwicksd.org
Katona Miller kamiller@berwicksd.org
Cheryl Pasukinis cpasukinis@berwicksd.org
Laurel Peifer lpeifer@berwicksd.org
Brian Pinterich bpinterich@berwicksd.org
Donald Plyler dplyler@berwicksd.org
Brian Remley  bremley@berwicksd.org
Pamela Robustelli probustelli@berwicksd.org
Michael Rochford mrochford@berwicksd.org
Jamie Slusser jslusser@berwicksd.org
Jared Spaide jspaide@berwicksd.org
Allison Spencer aspencer@berwicksd.org