Gifted Education

Gifted Education

Gifted Screening and Evaluation

Students who exhibit characteristics associated with mental giftedness, such as higher-level thinking skills, advanced academic skill development, creativity and/or leadership skills may be recommended for screening or evaluation in order to determine their eligibility for the gifted program.   The screening process involves gathering a variety of information regarding student performance, including classroom-based academic achievement, grade reports, group achievement testing results, and individually-administered brief measures of intellectual ability and academic skill development.  Based on screening results, students may be recommended for a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation in order to determine eligibility for gifted support services.  A Gifted Individualized Education Program (GIEP), which is based on each eligible gifted student’s educational strengths and needs, is then developed. 

Additional information and resources concerning the evaluation and instruction of mentally gifted students in Pennsylvania can be found at the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) websites (listed in the Resources for Parents section). 

Mission Statement of Berwick Area Gifted and Talented Education:

The Berwick Area School District Gifted and Talented Program has the primary goal of providing opportunities, both within and outside of the regular classroom setting, for challenging and developing identified areas of giftedness in each identified student.  In addition, gifted students will be provided the opportunity to effectively develop:

                Higher order thinking skills, creativity and critical thinking

An ability to express themselves verbally in a variety of settings

A fluency in a variety of advanced communication methods, including writing

An autonomous approach to learning

A deepening awareness of the characteristics of giftedness as it applies to themselves, others, and their interaction with others