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High School Covid cases

The Berwick School District received notice of 2 positive Covid-19 cases of students who attend Berwick Senior High School.  The students were last in school on Thursday, October 29. The total of  three cases at the high school are all from the same household.  The district is currently working with the Department of Health.  At this time there are no further steps that need to be taken.

The Berwick Senior High School will remain open.  
The two major items that continue to protect us as a school community is wearing face-coverings and isolating/removing anyone with symptoms.  If your child displays any symptoms or has had direct contact to someone who has tested positive, please keep your child home and the school will work with you to provide your child's school work.  We are grateful to our faculty, staff, and students for their diligence and focus on following our Health and Safety Plan.