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Gordner Stadium Dedication  

BERWICK – A large crowd attended a ceremony last week, which officially dedicated the track and field adjacent to Salem Elementary School, as Senator John R. Gordner Stadium.

Senator Gordner recognized his former coaches Bill Bull and Lanny Connor and commended the Berwick Area School District Board of Directors for their diligence in upgrading district facilities. The event marked the official unveiling of an overhead entry sign naming the stadium.

The ceremony concluded with the Senator running a lap around the track with members of the Berwick Area High School Track and Field team. The event was emceed by Middle School Principal Greg Michael and was followed by a track and field meet between Lake Lehman and Berwick. 

The girls’ meet was for first place in the league and ended in a 75-75 tie. Lake Lehman and Berwick ended the season 6-0-1 and tied for first place.

Ribbon Cutting  Recognition