Mrs. Amanda Ziegler
    4th Grade Band is open to all students in fourth grade. Once a week students receive one 30 minute lesson on their instrument of choice. They also have a band rehearsal during the school day once a week. The 4th Grade Band performs in two concerts. 
    5th Grade Band is a class at the middle school. Students meet every other day to rehearse during the school day. Students also receive two lessons every month. The 5th Grade Band performs in two concerts and at one football game every year. 
    6th Grade Music Appreciation is an elective offerred at the middle school. Students explore many aspects of music. 
    Why Should My Child Join Band?!  http://vimeo.com/81819035
     2018-2019 Performances
    August 31st Band Night Grades 5-12
    December 6th 7:00pm 4th Grade Band/Chorus Winter Concert
    December 11th 7:00pm 5th/6th Grade Band/Chorus Winter Concert
    May 8th 4th Grade Band/Chorus Spring Concert
    May 14th 5th/6th Grade Band/Chorus Spring Concert