• Welcome to Mrs Kehl-Hess's Kindergarten Class! 
    My name is Mrs. Kehl-Hess.  I graduated from Berwick High School, attended college and graduated with a Dual Certification in Early Childhood Education/Elementary Education.  I have taught Berwick's Pre-Kdg. Class from 1999-2012.  In 2012 I moved to Kindergaten at Orange Street Elementary School and I am now at West Berwick Elementary School.  I LOVE being a Kindergarten Teacher!! It is so much fun and REWARDING watching my students grow and develop. 
       Some of my hobbies include flower gardening, swimming, attending craft shows, going out to dinner with friends and spending time with my family.  I live in Berwick with my husband on our son. 
    I look forward to a terrific school year.   
    If you have any questions, please contact me at chess@berwicksd.org