• Welcome to 2017-18 AP Calculus BC, STEM II/AP Seminar,
    BHS Gifted and Berwick Academic Competitions


    Greetings to gifted-identified students and parents, students in AP Calculus BC, the STEM Program, and Berwick area students and their families interested in participating in National History Day, Junior Academy of Science, BHS Mathletics competitions, BMS MathCounts, or BHS Quiz Bowl in 2016-2017. More information for your particular interest will be available in links below soon.
    *RESUME: Welcome Back! Anyone 10th-12th grade student involved in BHS Gifted or any academic club at the high school level should submit to me an updated resume, electronically and on paper, by Monday, September 11th!
    Freshmen in BHS Gifted should complete their resume by Monday, October 3rd -- for more information on how to write a resume, see me for advice! Also take a look at this webpage with tips and templates...
    *COALITION:  Our "Counseling" Activity for this year will be for ALL BHS students involved with Gifted or academic competitions to utilize the "Electronic Locker" provided by the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success.
    For more information, click on Coalition Application Info.
    *"DOOMSDAY" Meetings for Gifted Students: Nothing "apocalyptic" -- just a useful way to organize having a voluntary meeting each month with all of my gifted students. The mathematician John Conway developed a "Doomsday rule" to determine the day of the week of any date -- more info at Wikipedia: Doomsday Rule. The start of the method is the observation that these dates are always the same day of the week each year -- in 2017, they'll be Tuesday, and in 2018, they'll be Wednesday...
    Odd Months: 9/5 (Sept. 5th), 11/7 (Nov. 7th) Tuesdays; 1/25 (Jan. 25th), 3/28 (Mar. 28th), 5/9 (May 5th). (7/11 is also a doomsday, but we won't meet then!)
    Even Months -- even easier to remember: 10/10 (Oct. 10th), 12/12 (Dec. 12th) Tuesdays; 2/28 (Feb. 28th -- last day of Feb.); 4/4 (Apr. 4th); 6/6 (June 6th) Wednesday (Also 8/8 in August, but we won't meet then.)
    Students should come during lunch or anytime they have a free fifteen-twenty minutes to watch and discuss a short video for the month, and check in with any questions, concerns, or thoughts that they have. We'll discuss more about this at the September 5th meeting and during Gifted Plan meetings.
    A list of academic competitions available for Berwick Area HS/MS students -- Academic Competition List '17-'18