• Welcome to Mrs. Scala's Page!

    I believe it is very important to work as a classroom family.  We will be spending a lot of time together, so it is important to treat each other with respect, kindess and compassion. I know that each of you learn differently and it is my job as your teacher to help you grow as a learner and as a person of good character. 
    Third grade is an important year.  The curriculum is rigorous, expectations are high, and students are given more independence. Students are expected to work hard, complete all class assignments, follow rules and directions and be respectful to both adults and peers. 
    There will be many opportunities for rewards and incentives.  I believe that every student in my class has the ability to accomplish their goals.  We will work together to create a positive learning environment!
    Be sure to get a good nights rest, every night! It is important for your brain and your body to get enough sleep.  Eat a healthy breakfast at home, or arrive on time to school so you can have enought time to eat here.  Lastly, come to school every day ready to learn and do your best!