• Welcome to Ms. Derr's Web Page!  I am looking forward to a great school year in 8th Grade English/Language Arts!!

    I can be contacted by email at dderr@berwicksd.org
         1.  English notebook; this can be a binder or a spiral bound notebook
         2.  Mechanical pencil and/or pen
    This year, all 8th grade students will take a standardized Common Core Test for English/Language Arts.  This test replaces the 8th Grade PSSA and will be given sometime in the spring.
    1. CELL PHONES/ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES – The use of cell phones and/or any other personal electronic device during class is strictly prohibited.  Any student caught using an electronic device will be required to surrender it to the teacher, who will then turn it in to the middle school office.  Please read the rules in the student handbook.
    2. STUDENT HANDBOOK – On the first day of school, students will receive a handbook from the school.  Rules will be followed, as outlined in this handbook, in regard to tardiness, unacceptable behavior, electronic device use, etc…
    3. MAKING UP MISSED WORK – It is the student’s responsibility to make up missed work, in accordance to the rules of the student handbook.  A grade of zero will be applied for missed tests, quizzes, and/or homework that are not made up in a reasonable amount of time.
    4. EXTENDED ABSENCES – If there is a situation where a student is absent for an extended amount of time (illness, surgery, suspension, etc…) which is longer than 3 days, but not placed on homebound instruction, arrangements are to be made with the guidance office for work.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make arrangements for the work to be picked up from the guidance office and the responsibility of the student to complete the work while he/she is out of school.  Any requested work that is not picked up and not completed upon the student’s return will be given a zero.
    5. HOMEWORK – Homework is due on the day for which it has been assigned. 
    6. CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR – I expect students will arrive to class on time and be prepared once the bell has rung.  Having required materials for that day’s class is important.  No eating in class.  CLASSROOM PREPAREDNESS – Coming to class prepared by bringing a writing utensil, textbook, notebook, and any other pertinent materials, is key to passing the course. 
    7. RESPECT – is expected to be given to all persons in my classroom at all times.  This includes raising a hand to speak, listening while others are speaking, and following directions.