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  • The National School Lunch Program what it means to your child… It is important for kinds to get a healthy, balanced diet for proper growth and development.  Did you know that eating lunch at school is a great way for your child to get one-third of his or her recommended daily nutrients?

    The Nutrition Group, your schools food service prodder, wants to help you and your child understand the National school Lunch Program.  Did you know that there are specific guidelines that need to be met on a daily basis?  It is important to help your child understand there are 5 food groups, and all 5 are offered daily.

    Students are offered one serving of meat, grains, fruit, vegetable and milk daily.  From these five they are offered, they must take at least three different components to make up a complete, reimbursable meal as part of the National School Lunch Program.

    One of their three choices must be a fruit or vegetable.  Sometimes one food item includes two food components.  These are referred to as “Combination Foods”.  Examples of combination foods include a check sandwich, chef salad, turkey wrap or spaghetti with meat sauce.  If a student takes a chicken sandwich, apply and milk this is considered a complete meal.  This meal has 4 food groups, meat, grain, fruit and milk.  All meals are priced as a unit and in turn students pay the same price whether they choose 3, 4 or all 5 items. 

    Students are offered five options and must choose at least three with one of the options being a fruit or vegetable.  A variety of fruit and vegetables are offered daily.  Your child only has to take one but may choose to take a fruit and a vegetable.



    Please take a few moments to talk to your child about the importance of choosing from all 5 food groups.  The Nutrition Group is pleased to be your school’s food service provider and making lunch a health part of your child’s school day. 

    At The Nutrition Group, we encourage students to take all 5 items.  This is why there are a variety of choices available.  This enables students to choose his or her favorite items to make lunch their way…the healthy way.  Choosing all 5 items provides your child with a complete meal, and best value!