• Interested in joining band?! Here's how...
    Instrument Assembly  September 5th or 6th 
    Students will have the opportunity to hear all the instruments and try 2-3 at this assembly. 
    Students need a permission slip to attend this assembly. 
    Parent & Instrument Meeting High School Cafeteria Tuesday September 11th 6:30pm
    Robert M. Sides will be in attendance for your convenience. They will have instruments to rent or purchase. They will also have supplies and lesson books for sale. 
    Elementary Band Handbooks will also be distributed this evening. I will try to answer any questions you may have about the program. 
    Instruments will NOT be available to take him at this meeting. Instruments will arrive at your child's first lesson.  
    If you cannot make the meeting I will send home information with your child. Please email me if you are not able to make it. aziegler@berwicksd.org  
    Lessons Begin Day 1 September 20th.