1. A 3-ring binder, usually a  1 or 1 1/2 inch width works great for organization  and it is not to big to carry from class to class.
    2. Mechanical Pencils and/or Pens
    1. Student Handbook - During the first week of school, students will receive a student handbook. Rules, dress code, unacceptable behavior, electronic devices, tardiness, absentees, etc. will be covered and followed.
      A. Cell Phones/All Electronic Devices - The use of cell phones and/or any other personal electronic device during class is prohibited. Any student caught using an electronic device will be required to give it to the teacher, who in turn will report it and turn it in to the Middle School office.
    2. Classroom Preparedness - Being prepared is vital and key to passing this course. Bring your writing utensil, binder, and other designated material for the day. Also, no eating or drinking in the classroom. Use combs, brushes, and make-up in the appropriate designated place, the bathroom.
    3. Missed Work - It is the student's responsibility to make up any missed assignments, as in accordance with the student handbook. All assignments must be made up in a reasonable amount of time.
    4. Respect - It is expected that all students will show not only respect to the teacher, but also to ALL of their classmates. This includes raising a hand to speak, listening while other classmates are speaking, and to listen to directions.