• Reading Wonders
    This year your child will be using the "Wonders" Reading Series. We will have tests after each Unit's week's lessons. The students will be responsible for learning spelling words and vocabulary words and high frequency words for tests. The student's test will also have them read stories and answer questions about the stories. Students will have to look back into the story for answers ( citing text evidence).  Students will be tested on skills presented through the weeks lessons. Students will be able to access all stories, skills, games and more online following the link below. Your child will get a username and password to log into the site. Please keep this handy. You and your child should visit the site on a daily basis as a review of the days skills.  Your child will have a short reading assignment and spelling assignment to do each evening as homework. Homework is a chance to practice skills taught to review for tests.  Homework will be collected daily in most cases some however will have a week to complete this year Any incomplete assignments will be made up during resource or  part of recess time. If you have and questions or concerns please let me know as soon as possible.
    READING DOCUMENTS THAT WILL BE HELPFUL TO YOU FOUND BELOW: Click on each links for information.