Homework is written in the agenda each night.  If your child forgot to write in their homework agenda, you can click the link above to see what it is.  You will also find dates of spelling tests, special school events, etc.


    Students are required to complete a monthly reading log.  Your child is required to read 15 times in the month for approximately 20 minutes each night.  You may pick and choose which nights work best for you and your family depending on your busy schedules.  Please send the reading log in everyday so I can check it periodically.


    Also, keep an eye out for other reading assignments that may be sent home periodically.  These worksheets may include: ABC order, writing spelling words 3x each, vocabulary match, comprehension worksheet, etc.


    Your child will usually recieve a math homework each night as well.  This homework is a reinforcement on what was taught  in class that day.  Please use the Home-Connect letter sent home before each unit for help and answers to these homework assignments.