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    Salem Elementary Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
    Arrival:  Students eating breakfast should report at 8:15 am.  (Prior to 8:15 there will be no supervision and students will not be permitted to enter the building.)  Those not eating breakfast should report between 8:20 and 8:40 and head directly to his/her classroom.  Attendance will be taken by homeroom teachers promptly at 8:40.  Any student reporting to school after 8:40 will need to sign in at the office.  The same procedure as last year for drop off will apply to the Tenth Street entrance.  It is important that if you are going to walk your child to the door, you park your car out of the lane of traffic.  We would like to keep one line of traffic moving through as an expedited drop-off.

      At 3:15, all kindergarten students will be dismissed from the Tenth Street doors.  If they have an older sibling, they too, will be dismissed out the front door at this time.  At 3:20, all remaining walkers, pickups, and bike riders will be dismissed from their designated doors. 
    These procedures will not affect bus students.  As in previous years, bus students will continue to arrive and depart from the cafeteria doors when their bus arrives. 
    *During the school day hours, only the front entrance (Tenth Street) will be accessible. 
    *All visitors must report directly to the main office and have a photo ID available.
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